Our Limited Warranty Policy

For all warranty support, please contact the authorized Bronco® retailer that the goods were purchased through.

All Psychic® MX Shocks are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects at date of shipment. This warranty does not cover damages resulting from any of the following situations:

  • Crash or accidents while riding
  • Racing accidents
  • Improper installation
  • Disassembly or modifications
  • Damage caused by misuse, abuse or neglect.
  • Damage caused by anything other than defects in material or workmanship
  • Damage caused by improper installation, use in an improper application, or use in conjunction 

  with other devices/accessories such as, but not limited to, lowering blocks, lift kits, angled or 

  high clearance a-arms, suspension modifications, or oversized tires.

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Damage caused by unbalanced shock geometry
  • Damage caused by use in racing, jumping, or towing oversized loads.
  • Any and all claims for consequential or incidental damages
  • All coverage under this warranty is voided if any modification, change or alteration has been made to the product that is not specifically authorized in writing by Bronco®.


A copy of your original invoice is necessary for any warranty claim.

Since Bronco® shock absorbers are designed for use in extreme off-road riding conditions, Psychic MX components cannot guarantee any of its suspension components beyond manufacturing defects since we do not control how our products are used after installation. Additionally, the end purchaser will assume full responsibility to the extent legally permitted for all risks of personal injury and/or damage to the purchaser’s vehicle or to any third party that may be involved in an incident with the end purchaser.

Psychic MX Components reserves the right to make the final decision in all matters pertaining to its warranty.