Full Metal

The best selling pads we offer. The full metallic high-density material consists of: Copper, Carbon, Tin, Lead and other metallic elements and have a DOT rating of “FG”. FG Coefficient of Friction (C.F.) at 250° and 600°: 0.44-0.45 at 250°F, 0.45-0.50 at 600°F. These will provide a longer life than similar compounds from competitors. Psychic full metal pads and shoes have excellent performance and stability at all temperatures. With high corrosion resistance, they work equally well in wet and dry conditions and are recommended for all off-road applications.


Semi-Metallic brake pads and shoes are composed of a Non-Asbestos Semi-Metallic Carbon Kevlar aramid fiber from DuPont and have a DOT rating of “FF”. They feature a coefficient of Friction (C.F.) at 250° and 600° of 0.44-0.45 for both temps. These provide riders with longer pad life, low dust and brake disk wear, and great stopping power at a competitive price.